Sunday, November 16, 2008

Totem War 81 - We pwn Thunder Ruins

TW Date: 16.11.08

Attendees: Sorraya, Daim, Mondzkee, sandia, kikarl, wint, burn-deth, SiriBoo, Milfeulle, Akasha, ferdy, Bryan01, Blue-Ice, lovemeeh, dark_shooter (as always, sorry if I forgot you. Contact me ingame and I'll add you!)

Oh, and an official blog welcome to all ex-Sorrow members :-) We love y'all.

Well, tonight was quite the eventful evening.. got up at 2am, make some coffee, had a cigarette and all hell broke loose. Hah, ok, no.. but. Our goal was to takeover Thunder Ruins, luckily for Genesis, we had Mana on our side. Apparently Sovereign too, but I walked to the Sov totem to 'meet' with the Genesis crew and the bastards killed me. :)

Anyway, I waited at the TW entrance portal. When Genesis met up, and we filed in to attack the totem, rofl, all the Aurora people were already dead... Thank you Luna and Mana!! :-) It made our job a lot easier.

Here's a good action shot:

I always forget to take print screens during the action u.u at least I got one though! The totem fell, 5.. 4.. 3, 2 1.. and the dead! And cuz I was in Mana league, I was bloody well warped out back to Dark City >.<>

A special thank you and congratulations to all the producers of Genesis! We were able to get our totem to -level 4- within the time period of the war. Great job!!

So.. some of you ruddy red-circles thought it would be fun to pick on the purple circle :( and WASTE MY POTS. You are all evil XD I discovered that my 1v1 spell takes about 25% of Milf's HP - so I really am very weak haha, (thanks Milfeulle for letting me test) and I discovered that when I use my Stealth skill (YES I KNOW YOU CAN STILL SEE ME PEOPLE!) I can't be targeted for 1v1 attacks but if I am AoE'd I take damage and become un-Stealthed.

Crazy came in later and killed me.. Daim sought my vengeance xD It's cuz he loves me.

And here's us towards the end, Blue-Ice being a raging psychopath as ever.

My internet cut out 30 minutes before the end.. and I couldn't get it to work again! I was freaking out, I restarted my computer once and my router twice and finally I got back online. *wipes forehead*

GENESIS! :-) Use the advanced terra to level your little butts off! We must grow in strength to defend our totem! :) Congratulations to all again <3

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