Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kirukia's Revenge

Some people don't like hearing certain truths about themselves.

This is the result of me asking Kirukia to not talk to me anymore, because his head is so far up his own ass, that I just can't stand him. Some people really need to get over themselves. Anyway, he logged into Luna's account for some revenge.

I lost so much exp too, I lost 0 exp. Damn.


Totem War 86

TW Date: 30.11.08

Attendees: Sorraya, Daim, ferdy, Tinto, Milfeulle, Wan, Takeru, Ruban, Khicks, wint, lovemeeh, EunicE™, CyberMetal, Thrax741, Murtagh, -cris-, yurie, haizt

Absent: RinaLyn, Fries, Veektorrea, sandia, kikarl, Blue-Ice, GreenPanda, -Aphrodite-, defender, dark_shooter, DarK_mOn, burn-deth, Balthier, Minerva, heero02, kisskiss, Pandy, Rikudo, Wall, zacksters

Well it was a semi-interesting war :) Quite Vale and Mysterious Garden were major hotspots. Spongebob kept me company on TV during the quiet times ^_^ I still didn't get any KO's but I didn't die much really either so that's fantastic. Not much else to say really, so I figure I'll move onto the screenshots ey? They help tell da story XD I think I made them too small again.

First off we were greeted by a lovely RoyalBl00d who wanted to show off his new PK.. I think he killed us about 200 times and we killed him twice. Kirukia decided to come along, here he is ordering us to 'Chill out', followed by a warning to everyone not to make him mad.. I wonder, does he remind you of anyone? XD

Ruban was keeping watch at MW, and there was a lv40 player he needed help with.. couldn't break through his pots you see. So we came up and claimed the poor fella, who came back twice, then thrice, anyway.. here are the saviours of MW for this week:

Here is proof that I rock. Cuz Tinto said so. *^_^*

Daim and ferdy, the little homocidal maniacs, decided to go to Quiet Vale to join in the fun, so I went down too. I found, if I just use Binding a lot, it seems to help the damage-dealers :P I don't even remember whose Totem this was, or who we were attacking, I remember Binding a lot of green-circles :P

Then. Sora ordered attack on AuroraLegion x.x I think Tinto has some friends there.. first we take their Thunder Ruins, then we wipe them off the map completely. Poor guys, but Mana played a big part in taking them down too. I didn't go to help until WantBleed won the totem, then I figured it was time to help take them down. (tehe, poor ferdy is down!)

So... Steel overturns Atlantis ey? I think Atlantis needs more players... to help balance the power..

Left to right: wint, ferdy, Wan, EuincE™, Sorraya, Takeru, Khicks, Murtagh, Tinto, lovemeeh, haizt, yurie
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Please send me your pics!


Can all league members please send me a hot, sexy pic of themselves so I can add it to the blog? Make sure you're wearing a smile please :P

Please either e-mail it to with your IGN, or add me to MSN on, or contact me in-game with a URL I can download one of you at :-)

Many thanks! Come on guys, lets fill up this page with our smiles.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Totem War 84 - Zorrita is victorious

TW Date: 23.11.08

Attendees: Sorraya, Daim, Takeru, SiriBoo, Wan, Milfeulle, Blue-Ice, Veektorrea, PurePower, Tinto, Demeter, Akasha, heero02, Ruban, Spirit, lovemeeh, wint

Absent: PanainKita, Minerva, Mondzkee, sandia, burn-deth, Murtagh, kikarl, kisskiss, zacksters, defender, Fries, Khicks, dark_shooter, DarK_mOn, Pandy, EunicE, Rikudo, leigh, ferdy

Tonight was OK. I got to do some PVP action, Tinto wanted Zorrita to get totem in Mysterious Wetland. As soon as the war commenced, we went up to MW..



And finally, about to come crashing down;


It was kinda fun, I didn't really kill anyone, but they couldn't kill me either which I must say was a nice change. It was good, they all target the mage while Daim was attacking them..

Anyway, here we all are back at the Totem.. we don't look very intimidating as a league do we guys..


Daim and I, blood thirsty as we were, set off for a distant land..


To help Mana.. but.. well. I died instantly, apparently they didn't want nor need our help.

xXspearXx was most annoying, though he/she was welcome to hang around, though he/she wasn't.

I tried to get a G E N E S I S screenshot for here, but nobody was active or didn't want to play.. we couldn't get 7 people together.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A massive storm!

Ok, so I realise this is completely unrelated to Angels Online but I still wanted to share it with you.

About 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon yesterday, the skies were black... with a raging angry storm I was yet to realise was the most fierce storm I have ever seen in my 21 years of life!

I unplugged the computer, and seconds later we lost electricity... Mum and I watched the storm (OH MY GOD) until we could no longer see the street and we saw a massive tree branch fly past the window. We both screamed and ran into the bathroom on the other side of the house, and waited til it passed.

Turns out, we were practically the most severely hit place of Brisbane, and apparently its the worst storm Brisbane has seen in 10 years. I seriously could not believe it, it was the scariest thing.

Anyway, we lost power for 25 hours (IT JUST CAME BACK ON! zomg ~).. so yeah. Here are some photos of the aftermath I took with my phone (poor quality)

Here is our nextdoor neighbours house with a tree raping it

This one is just out the side of our house

And here's our back landing with a tree on top of it ;p

Thank god all is well! A million thank you's to Sorraya who piloted my characters while I was without electricity <3

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Totem War 81 - We pwn Thunder Ruins

TW Date: 16.11.08

Attendees: Sorraya, Daim, Mondzkee, sandia, kikarl, wint, burn-deth, SiriBoo, Milfeulle, Akasha, ferdy, Bryan01, Blue-Ice, lovemeeh, dark_shooter (as always, sorry if I forgot you. Contact me ingame and I'll add you!)

Oh, and an official blog welcome to all ex-Sorrow members :-) We love y'all.

Well, tonight was quite the eventful evening.. got up at 2am, make some coffee, had a cigarette and all hell broke loose. Hah, ok, no.. but. Our goal was to takeover Thunder Ruins, luckily for Genesis, we had Mana on our side. Apparently Sovereign too, but I walked to the Sov totem to 'meet' with the Genesis crew and the bastards killed me. :)

Anyway, I waited at the TW entrance portal. When Genesis met up, and we filed in to attack the totem, rofl, all the Aurora people were already dead... Thank you Luna and Mana!! :-) It made our job a lot easier.

Here's a good action shot:

I always forget to take print screens during the action u.u at least I got one though! The totem fell, 5.. 4.. 3, 2 1.. and the dead! And cuz I was in Mana league, I was bloody well warped out back to Dark City >.<>

A special thank you and congratulations to all the producers of Genesis! We were able to get our totem to -level 4- within the time period of the war. Great job!!

So.. some of you ruddy red-circles thought it would be fun to pick on the purple circle :( and WASTE MY POTS. You are all evil XD I discovered that my 1v1 spell takes about 25% of Milf's HP - so I really am very weak haha, (thanks Milfeulle for letting me test) and I discovered that when I use my Stealth skill (YES I KNOW YOU CAN STILL SEE ME PEOPLE!) I can't be targeted for 1v1 attacks but if I am AoE'd I take damage and become un-Stealthed.

Crazy came in later and killed me.. Daim sought my vengeance xD It's cuz he loves me.

And here's us towards the end, Blue-Ice being a raging psychopath as ever.

My internet cut out 30 minutes before the end.. and I couldn't get it to work again! I was freaking out, I restarted my computer once and my router twice and finally I got back online. *wipes forehead*

GENESIS! :-) Use the advanced terra to level your little butts off! We must grow in strength to defend our totem! :) Congratulations to all again <3

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Totem War 78 - Defend!

Yayyy. So I got up at 2.30 again this weekend, on Sunday morning, to attend the almighty Totem War. Dylan my 9 year old brother asked for me to wake him.. ;p so I did.. he said 'Um.. I'll just lie down for 5 more minutes' .. so I let him go back to sleep :-)

Not as uneventful as the previous war, but not as eventful as my first.

TW Date: 02.11.08

Attendees: So many people.. Sorraya, Daim, SiriBoo, Fries, Demeter, Bryan01, Mindless, Celia, ferdy, Wan, Milfeulle, Rikudo, defender (Sorry if I missed you)

So the first thing that happened was all us non-Europeans were arguing with the Europeans about the commencement time.. lucky we were there to tell them it started in 5 minutes and not 1 hour and 5 minutes ^.^

Not long after it started, several Sorrow members came into our area.. they didn't seem to be a real threat as I don't believe they attacked the Totem at all.. so we were killin each other back and forth, well, trying to. It proved quite fun really ^.^ I actually got my first KO! and then my second!! That's a record!

I realised I HATE Slow Snipe, hahaha, most annoying thing. I realised I'm not as strong as I thought I was, and I realised I'm weaker than I thought I was (go mages!!) So anyway, here are a few from our little brawl with Sorrow.


Here is Sparrow with her MBC'd Nature.. he/she came for a visit

Sorrow and apparently another Beast league wanted to play ;3

Silver_Star of EverLight came for a visit...

danielit0w of Zodiac came for a visit...

Left to right: Celia, Celia's Mummy, Wan, Takeru, SiriBoo, Demeter, Mindless, Rikudo
Front row: Daim & ferdy (who knows which is which)
Way out in front not joining in on the fun: Bryan01

Here I am making my moves on Wan. SiriBoo and Sorraya are also having a rather personal moment.. Genesis certainly has its homosexual moments. ^.^ *fits right in*

This was fun. We tried doing a GENESIS screencap. I was assigned the first letter S :P All of us pretty much clicked on.. except.. Rikudo (the final S). I think he did one.. or two.. so this is the best I got, lol. Kinda tacky :D

And here, Fries and I are trying to undo the bolts to Wan's borg's rudeparts. It appears that Wan's bolts were all rusted cuz they hadn't been loosened in so long, so we couldn't access his mechanical rudeparts u.u

Toward the end, ELITA_MROKU I had noticed kept gaining the Mysterious Wetland totem.. which was TheAlienS's, and I prefer the Aliens to have our neighbouring totem, so I went to try and help. Well, that was silly of me, yes, as I said at the beginning, my mage is not as strong as I'd imagined, and he's much weaker than I imagined. Nevertheless, it was fun AOE'ing them twice then dying XD

2 KO's !! *self grats* whee.

Totem War 77 - Defend!

Hullo. All screenshots and information were provided from Fries and ArchAngelz helped a little too. I was at work.. stressing ;p

TW Date: 30.10.08

Attendees: I think.. Wan, Fries, ArchAngelz, Armor-Smith

Special thanks to: Tinto & Ark

Overall I think it was a very uneventful war, so thank you to the defenders who sat there for 2 hours entertaining yourself! The crossbows were attacking Tinto & Ark so they had to stay a safe distance.. Fries provided all screenshots <3>

Here's Fries screaming 'NO ACTION'.. I wonder if she's talking about the war or something else ;3

Here's a good one of borgs hiding the Totem :-)

Fries :-)

Wan and Fries declare their love for each other ^.^

Fries counting down... ;P

And finally.. (oh, and note here the borg's hiding the totem still xD)

All in all, a -very- uneventful war ^.^