Sunday, March 22, 2009

Totem War 117 - The Wrath of Steel

TW Date: 22.03.09

Attendance: Boomheadshot, red_shorty, Xxaeianxx, sexy111, killer67, mutant, habagat, xotammyxo, royal_lindy, thetank, dnryuuzaki16, theman04 (acesAC), akaria, jaden_yuki, kenny123, san12, hotshot1, niny, inuoko, murtagh, curious, takeru

Well, this war was certainly an eventful war. Renaissance didn't change faction as expected to take down Drakness league, and apparently they planned to take down every non-Steel totem. As Mysterious is a Beast league.. this sure proved interesting for us.

All I can say is that my 36 hour streak of training Chaos non-stop with skill cards certainly paid off. If I hadn't received my Thunder Fury AOE I would not have been able to help as much as I did. At the beginning Vulvan and natasja came for a visit.. then DarknessMan.. and b0rn2kill.. and then eventually small attacks started breaking out. Someone killed my Inuoko so I killed them>:]

Tinto ran right up to our totem, stood on top of me, and used his Axe Trap - I survived and had him dead in 1 second with Cross Trial and Thunder Fury - that kill was for you, Curious.

Anyway, here are some screenshots.. as always I rarely take them during the 'action' its very hard to remember:


And of course, we can't forget the league's best friend RoyalBl00d. Here he is with his cronies..


At one stage BOOMHEADSHOT started speaking in General chat making it very clear that the entire league was soft, and pussy-like for choosing not to revive. Thanks for your kind thoughts BOOMHEADSHOT. /sarcasm

BOOMHEADSHOT, please note that we were the only non-Steel league that managed to keep our totem.

That was the map about 30 minutes before the war ended, and then here it is at the end

Murtagh, I'd like to say that going back to breeze and having a chance to revive, restore health, self-buff and then warp back in is a great idea - sure we were still dying in around 5 seconds but we stood a much better chance at full HP than reviving and having a PK fly at us immediately.

So yes, all in all Steel did not leave our map - at one stage (as above) we were the only non-Steel league on the map, where else were they to go? RoyalBl00d actually died twice, and we made him warp-back about 4-5 times, which is much better than what we have accomplished in the previous wars.
Go team Mysterious!

Last but not least I'd like to show the post-war rank board, somewhat because I'm so fekking proud of attaining the #1 credits, but secondly because I think its quite funny that - if it weren't for Steel attacking, I wouldn't have had any credits. This rank board proves how we were constantly harassed as I didn't leave South Mirror Lake and yet I still managed to come first in the ranking and second in total KO's.


A final message to the entire league - please be careful when you speak in General chat when we have visitors, some things are certainly best kept to league chat. What's more.. SeXy.. Murtagh.. these people just want to credit and 'have fun'.. we cannot stop them from doing that with words, the more you appear to be upset, pissed off and affected by their torture, the more you insult, curse, and fight with words.. the more they will want to continue. Don't let the enemy realise how upset you are! It is ok for them to realise you are bothered by them being there, but don't let them see you freak the fuck out.

My Long Weekend

It's currently Sunday morning roughly 1am and haven't I had the most exciting weekend. I came home on Friday night and started spamming my Chaos like no tomorrow, and well.. at some point decided I must train it to level 80 prior to the war!

It was about level 77 at the time so I had a long way to go, and I didn't know if I could manage it or not - of course for this to be successful at all I was to have no sleep as I had to topup pots every half hour. Hm!

Firstly, I helped my friend ne0c0rtex out with some cashies so he could buy himself an MBC'd pet.. and guess what.. it is the same type as mine!! xD Here we are showcasing our matching pets off in the lyceum.

The first HB which was Saturday morning at 2am was fantastic..well..for the orange team it was. It was super unbalanced in favour of the team I was on.. what more can you ask for really. Veektorrea, RoyalBl00d, Ganst4life, Vulvan, chris92381, you name them, they were probably on orange :P

Later on the coolest of the cool were being cool in the Mysterious Area.. can I just say that if you've never played bot-trains its quite an exciting experience.. well.. moreso it's good for a quick giggle and then you get over it nice and quickly =D

Then.. after.. many.. tedious hours. I'm not accustomed to this non-sleeping business so it was very trying mentally and physically, but hey it's all about priorities. Both Mum and Dylan were most helpful..taking shifts.. getting me coffee.. and paying me out for not sleeping of course. Here is the final, wonderful, relieving result:



Thanks to everyone who listened to my pointless, mindless rambling and the words of support and encouragement! The last 48 hours have kind of all meshed in together and I can't really differentiate what happened when and.. hehe.

I've had fun!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heads Up!

Mysterious is to expect an attack from HolyGarden with help from AuroraLegion...


Monday, March 16, 2009

In Other News :3 (TW115)

Hihi it's Inuoko :3<3

I have some news of my own that took place yesterday, before and after the war.

Before the war, x-Wilhelm-x and I got married. Thanks to the great Murtagh, we had a wedding ticket =D. Lets all thank Murt, ok? :3<3


And After the war?

I'm fiiiinnaalllllyy on the rank board!! =D You'll also notice Sexy111 too ^^<3



I have leveling to do, so byebye! :3<3

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Totem War 115 - Defend!

TW Date: 15.03.09

Attendees: Curious, Murtagh, Inuoko, Crosshin, Takeru, Bitbop, Flord, Theman04, jaden_yuki, Red_Shorty, killer67, habagat, BOOMHEADSHOT, devilings, RoyaL_LindY, X0TammyX0, hotshot1, San12 (if I missed you, let me know I'll add you)

During the week the league moved their totem to South Mirror Lake, which of course meant taking it from HolyGarden.. as the war commenced we were expecting an attack from them. This didn't happen, we saw them later get a totem at Crashing Hillock. They did not finish the war with a totem.

Here we are.. ;)

As per usual, Murtagh spent a lot of time picking on the Phillipines (aka his favourite crediting arena).. we had a visit from Belz and shadeofgrey at the beginning of the war. Congratulations to them on their marriage may their love be everlasting o.~ later on we had a visit from DH, with his awesome ABC'd elf pet.. um.

All in all, it was rather uneventful at our totem.. RoyalBl00d came along with Ganst4life, xRen, b0rn2kill, etc.. Curious and I were lucky enough to be able to keep them at bay, and our whole league was lucky enough that they decided not to return - I'm quite certain Renaissance was pre-occupied this war with ensuring DarknessMan does not get his totem.

Foggy Forest was a major hotspot, there was probably about 10 totem changes there, .. Straw-hat kept getting totems in weird places, they even got it at Thunder Ruins at one point, congratulations to them. Thunder Ruins was also a hot spot, ChaoticHope, --Drakness--, but every time --Drakness-- got it, it seemed to be taken by a Steel league.. wonder who that could be... xD For some reason, Renaissance does not want him to have terra, in fact most of the server doesn't.
If it were not for alliances and gang ups, the Atlantis map would be very different. UpYours (alt league of DarknessMan?) ended up with Thunder Ruins so congrats to him ~

Here is an emote screenie ^_^

At one stage Murtagh suggested I come for a run with him, to go kill some people.. I promised him earlier in the week I would just once.. here is my first venture from the totem in a long time.. see how scared I look? xP

We ended up at Foggy, he 1hit KO'd an AFK prot on the way.. nothing was at Foggy, so I revived Daim and used a Regression.. I felt safe at home again xD

Towards the very end it seemed -LordVati- wanted Sunflower Plain's totem.. we had a few red-circles run past >_> well they got it anyway. LatinForce used to be one of the stronger leagues back in the day when Atlantis was first was interesting to see it still exists ^_^ Ganst4life opened attack on me with Silence (yay I had my bubble on so it didn't work).. I started attacking back and chasing him and the totem war ended.. how frustrating..

The end-result .. certainly some odd changes since the last layout..

Congratulations to Murtagh for getting top credits this war with 66KO's on Curious :)

Some thoughts..
Why does nobody attack AuroraLegion..?
Why does BaTiBoT have a totem?
Why does VatiFanzClub have a totem?
Every league should be limited to their own strength >_<

Thank you to everyone for your attendance!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Congratulations Murtagh

On behalf of the league I would like to say.. congrats on your new stance! xD


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Totem War 113 - Defend

TW Date: 08.03.09

Attendees: Murtagh, Takeru, Inuoko, RoyaL_LindY, SeXy111, habagat, DNryuuzaaki16, Niny, kenneth123, X0TammyXO

First war I have blogged in a long time :-D so since Genesis fell apart, I spend about a fortnight with DutchKillers and I ended up lovin the Murtagh and Curious in Mysterious.

The war was for the most part uneventful, I've changed my ways now I don't go around trying to kill for fun.. it has its perks but I'm over taking peoples exp and making them feel bullied, RoyalBl00d has shown me what its like to be bullied and I dun like it

As not much happened, there was very little to screenshot. Hanging out at totem:

Sparrow came for a visit with her awesome styles:

Here is Inu and I ghost-sitting. Thanks to RoyalBl00d for murdering us all over n over xD

Here we are afterwards... Daim flirting with me *yay*

Here is Curious and the boys (Jurre & Cootje) killing the terra boss. Noble Ele party!

I hope Alston comes back~
I hope RoyalBl00d doesn't~
*hugs 4 Mysterious*