Sunday, March 8, 2009

Totem War 113 - Defend

TW Date: 08.03.09

Attendees: Murtagh, Takeru, Inuoko, RoyaL_LindY, SeXy111, habagat, DNryuuzaaki16, Niny, kenneth123, X0TammyXO

First war I have blogged in a long time :-D so since Genesis fell apart, I spend about a fortnight with DutchKillers and I ended up lovin the Murtagh and Curious in Mysterious.

The war was for the most part uneventful, I've changed my ways now I don't go around trying to kill for fun.. it has its perks but I'm over taking peoples exp and making them feel bullied, RoyalBl00d has shown me what its like to be bullied and I dun like it

As not much happened, there was very little to screenshot. Hanging out at totem:

Sparrow came for a visit with her awesome styles:

Here is Inu and I ghost-sitting. Thanks to RoyalBl00d for murdering us all over n over xD

Here we are afterwards... Daim flirting with me *yay*

Here is Curious and the boys (Jurre & Cootje) killing the terra boss. Noble Ele party!

I hope Alston comes back~
I hope RoyalBl00d doesn't~
*hugs 4 Mysterious*

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