Sunday, December 14, 2008

Totem War 90 - Playtimes XD

TW Date: 14.12.08

Attendees: Daim, ferdy, Tinto, Murtagh, Alston, Blue-Ice, Wan, Fries, Thrax741, Ruban, Milfeulle, SiriBoo, Cootje, Cubby, Leo, EunicE™, y3llowish, Jurre, PhoenixCrash

Absent: iluvatar™, wint, defender, lovemeeh, Khicks, kikarl, Gang, ryokogirl, RinaLyn, Balthier, DarK_mOn, Rikudo, PurePower, Sorraya, Pandy, burn-deth

Tonight was a pretty fun war :D I'm going to start by saying a special, awesome thank you and I love you to Blue-Ice, he's a true champion with great leadership skills :D Not much else to say.. as per usual I'll let the screenies tell the story :D

When it started I PM'd Daim and asked to join his mini army for fun. We went to Sunflower Plain because Neverend was to attack Mana2.. anyway, I died almost immediately thanks to Arc XD so I gave up on that. I went back to monitor TR totem, then MW.. all was fine.. I got bored fast again..

Word came through there was someone attacking at MW totem. Of course, there was Crazy all by himself.. but we couldn't kill him :D Fries, Thrax and myself just didn't have enough attack power to get through his pots, but I made sure he used heaps anyway. I think Alston was the one who came along, and we finished him off in the end.

Tinto then advised Sov was under attack, so I went to see what I could do. I saw the almighty Veektorrea (who of course killed me lol) and decided not to help :S It's hard choosing which ally is my biggest, but I would never ever do anything to stop Mondz in war. Tinto left the league and helped Sov as to not be fighting for Genesis.. but.. what do you expect? Wouldn't you help your friends if you could? :) I say good on you Tinto for defending your friends, but its hard lol because I love Mondz too. >.>

Then Murtagh or Blue-Ice (I forget) suggested we go kill! :D So, the team was Blue-Ice, Murtagh, Alston and myself. Off to Megalith Plain we went! I've got to say.. Cubby was a -great- sport. He was level 31.. lolz, and he kept saying 'CHARGE!!!'.. I laughed when he did that, so cute XD Here we are at MP..



Megalith Plain was a great battle. Again, I've found I'm only useful if I team up with someone :-) Blue-Ice could see that I was running around aimlessly, just hitting someone with a spell here and there, which of course doesn't prove very useful. Then he started telling me what to do, from our training session a week or two ago XD '
remember joel.. bind and entangle' Omg.. I can't explain in words how wonderful it was to hear this :D You are wonderful Blue-Ice. He gave me focus again, and so bind and entangle I did! And then I became more useful in the battle, it gave Blue the opportunity to catch people and attack them.. Meanwhile Blue-Ice got 786 credits! Congrats. I'd like to take some credit for the binding and entangling haha XD

Murtagh hardly died at all, it was quite amazing really. That basterd is a TANK! XD I didn't really see Alston all that much to be perfectly honest! lol.. I dunno what he was doing or where he was, I was just following Blue as much as I could to assist him in making enemies lose their movement XD I was also, of course, the token pet healer, buffer and reviver.. which I kinda liked. But the problem was if I died, then I had to run to Scrap or MG to revive - sucky much!

I forget why we left, but we did. I think someone said Zorrita was under attack, but it was just 1 noob >.> then, when we all Regression'd back and got there, (good timing Daim!) Daim PM'd and said to go to Foggy.. apparently a lot of noobs to kill. Haha, noobs for him maybe, but not noobs for me.

I employed the same tactics, trying to distance myself from anyone with an Axe :P I got silenced and PK'd a lot here, and died more here than in Megalith. The good thing about being Steel is that there's lots of places nearby to revive, usually just 1 map away XD

Here we are regrouping after we all died XD

Lol, here is Murtagh and I.. who would have thought you'd ever see the two of us side by side? XD Nah, but I've kinda come to terms with the fact he just like to push peoples buttons and enjoys being an asshole.. XD but I'm happy to call him friend now.. or at least acquaintance XD .. well.. at least not enemy :P

And later down at MP we bumped into Veektorrea again!!! XD At the time he had Quiet Vale.. :( he later lost it .. :(

We warred some more in Megalith some more, but then Revenge came in and there was at least one PK5'er lol so I was screwed, and we retreated.. I think? Maybe Blue and Murt stayed, not too sure.

And, here we all are :D It's Blue-Ice's fault that the G is misplaced - he was the G but he forgot. Thank you to whoever it was sitting there who managed the G XD

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