Sunday, January 18, 2009

Totem War 100 - Renaissance gets DG

TW Date: 18.01.09

Attendees: Sorraya, Enichi, Curious, SiriBoo, Sparrow, Takeru, Murtagh, KcBc, Tinto, atkin05, Jurre, wint, Gang, Sonnenschein, Cubby, Alston, ferdy, Dalacin

Absent: AizeL, RinaLyn, DarK_mOn, PhoenixCrash, Danny, shereenii, ryokogirl, DeviL08, Prosper, zacksters, Wan, kikarl, Evil®Incubus, Blue-Ice, Khicks, Rikudo, Rayne, Ruban, kisskiss, ysaysa, Fries, kelvinksz, AmFeD, PoPiP, Milfeulle, Vehuiah, xXspearXx, iluvatar™

First off, I ran past DG about 1 minute before the war - here is Tha_Cruzes :-)


I found this war to be really eventful, I'm glad to have finally attended one after so many weeks, and lets not forget of course this was the war with the DG event going.. so congratulations to Renaissance (who claimed it within about 6 minutes).

I'm sure we're all aware that I consider myself a noob - I finally have proof. For the first entire hour of the war.. I had my Flower fashion equipped on my hand. The problem was, beneath the Flowers
I had my spear equipped - not my staff. What's more is that I had used two High-Effect Spell Attack scrolls before I'd noticed :S I was wondering why nobody was dying.. not even low levels..

Before the war started I saw that SML was free, so I was trying for the life of me to get in contact with a Beast league to assist them in getting totem - KcBc, ferdy, Murtagh and I were all for this plan until Murtagh got greedy and wanted it for himself :P We originally had made plans with sTrAw-HaT however it seemed PetsORama were also interested, and they got the totem. It was kinda sad to see only about 5 people active at their totem - but oh well. Below is ferdy and I playing hide and seek in the trees... ok no we were running to SML, and another pic of the totem once it was claimed (ok, ok, so the camera is a little off-centre and I missed the totem):



Umm. What next; it was clear Renaissance was flirting their power around the server - Megalith Plain was lost to shadow faction (who could have done that :D) and then not long after Veektorrea came in and single-handedly pulverised PetsORama where we were hangin. Murtagh realised he should go for Megalith Plain xD - and so, we did. By the way? Witch Fly Books are -soo- handy.. I am addicted to them in war now.

Here is Mysterious's totem:


So yeah.. um.. I don't know what happened next, most of this all happened very quickly. KcBc and I returned to Genesis totem I believe Vulvan and Sorraya were having a fight - and ferdy had started screaming we were under attack. Not long after, I found this photo.. and old man chasing a little boy XD


I ended up spending a lot of time at Quiet Vale with the DutchKillers - just in case anyone cares - they are all -really, really- nice people. I think RoyalBl00d came down for some fun - and just that, fun.. he didn't want to remove the totem. Of course, whilst we duelled for ages (ME STILL HAVING MY FREAKING SPEAR EQUIPPED) he didn't die.. I found the best thing I could do was Bind + Action Sealed + Attack his pet.. so that even though we couldn't kill him - the idea was he couldn't kill us :P Here is a photo of that old man and little boy being twins.


Ok now people BY THIS POINT I had realised what I had done, and I had re-equipped my staff. Ferdy was almost begging to go and kill, and AuroraLegion was only next door. I must say, this was actually probably the most fun I had all war - it was a very evenly matched duel I would say.. the thing which annoyed me most is that it seemed everything single freaking character in AuroraLegion was a friggen Archer!! >:D Ranged silence left right and centre, spells being interrupted constantly.. The thing I was most proud of was my ability to finish of Rizu, who has definitely been a difficult player in the past to finish off when we tried to duel. Of course, the only chance I stood was to Action Seal - then Bind - then spam 1v1 and AOE at him. Then of course, a few members from Renaissance came in and ruined the fun for everyone. :-( OH! And also! I didn't die - the whole time I was there - til purple came in - snaps for Joel - I always freaking die... even when I was silenced I couldn't be finish *slams fist into air*

(not the best action shot sorry - it was much funner than how it appears here - so fun I forget to press Print Screen except this one)

KcBc spent almost the entire war at Quiet Vale I believe, getting to know the people (girls) from DutchKillers. Here we are towards the end of the war..


At the very end I was to Crashing Hillock, a league of Vati had the totem and sTrAw-HaT were camping it. It was sitting of 2% HP and they were waiting for the end of the war - they asked me to attack but I couldn't because Tinto asked me not too - on the other hand, there was nobody there from Vati's league stopping it from being taken. About 4 minutes before the end an Aurora guy came in and started attacking it, so sTrAw-Hat started also, and they got in - Kudos to them, seriously, they had Ice Altars and Fire Altars ready and got it to level 3 in only a few minutes. I got sad after, most of them are very nice, but after speaking with their leader - none of them attend HB, there are no AG'ers in the league, they can't afford HB, so none of them probably even have Silence - they worked so hard to get their totem and it'll probably be wiped off the map next Wednesday cuz none of em use AG..... I guess that is IGG's intention. Again, big kudos to sTrAw-HaT - and to KcBc for all the flirting.

Oh, lol! At one stage, Tinto's league WeFkdUrMum or something (ROFL) got Thorn Wasteland - DarknessMan and Tha_Cruzes were also going for it. Sometimes I wonder why no-one goes for Genesis, based on how many people are actually active, we don't appear to be that threatening.

I don't mean to brag! BUT! I have never gotten a KO in war, except like once or twice when they are already very low HP -
I got seven KO's this war - oh my god!! (one of them was even Arthas from Renaissance!! XD)

Well! Incredible war.. thanks to everyone who kept me company.. thanks to Genesis.. thanks to DutchKillers for being good for conversation.

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