Monday, October 27, 2008

Totem War 76 - We pwn Foggy Forrest

So.. as some of you may or may not know, this was my first TW XD

I went to bed at 11am and set my alarm for 2am, and up I was, ready for the thrill of my life. The funniest thing about this is that I'm a Technician, haha, and I know I can't deal any real damage, but I had to fight for our terra!!!

So during the insane fun.. I managed to take a few screenshots.. so I'll post em to share along with my story

Attendees: Sorraya, Daim, ferdy, Milfeulle, me and Fries (she had to leave near the beginning)

Special thanks to: -LordVati-, danielit0w

Sorry that I had to resize a little guys, 500k is just too big for each screenie.

So, here we all are at the beginning.. waiting for our command. Fries was fooling around a lot, keeping things interesting XD My heart was beating so fast.. I'd never done TW before.. I was like omg, omg, omg what do I do next?

And suddenly, lol, the order comes to file in and attack the totem!! I was like.. lol, sooo freaked out I didn't know what I was doing, so I just rand down to the Totem and clicked on it.. The amount of people worried me a little, I had no idea who was who, and I was so over-excited I didn't have time to read or anything else, all I knew is that Sorraya's orders were to take down the totem, so attack the totem I did..

I honestly had no idea what was happening.. there were other coloured people near us (which I soon realised where the factions of other people) and I didn't know if they were friend or ally XD alls I knew is that the HP bar of the totem was going down, and quite fast, and that's all I cared about to. Here it is with low health:

Then of course, Daim tells me to submit materials to level it.. I'm like.. oh. Is that what I was meant to do XD XD I had filled up on HP potions so I was completely full.. anyway, (at this stage I am -still- freaking out lol), I ran to the bank in Shadow and got materials, I had lots spare thankfully.. and I'm like this would be much faster if I could teleport to the totem.. so I'm like 'SORA >.< INVITE ME TO TEAM' and I bought some Witch Fly Books and started warping back and forth (after setting Cupid in shadow XD) and submitting as many mats as I could..

Finally, things started to calm down.. Sorraya sat by the totem the whole time.. then.. without warning... Sorraya starts screaming 'WE ARE UNDER ATTACK WE ARE UNDER ATTACK' ... 'COME BACK NOW COME BACK NOW' .. lol, I almost pooed my pants.. but when I got back sure enough there were all these Aurora people attacking our Totem.. HOW DARE THEY XD I saw its precious HP lowering.. I pm'd -LordVati- (I'm guessing Sorraya already had) and mentioned we were under attack ;PP He was there in the flash of an eye and starting killing off the evil evil enemies.. phew.

The remainder of the war was rather eventless.. (thankfully I'd had enough excitement for a month).. so I started patrolling the map, and just outside the exits on each side, in fear of a end-of-war attack... I found two Shadow people at one stage. XD I dobbed on them.. I'm like um Daim.. two Shadow people.. XD he and ferdy came and murdered them.. they were no threat, but you know..

Here we are at 1 minute before the war ended XD (Thanks Sorraya hehe)

I believe there was a cheering uproar from the entire league, and we all went into Mysterious Area and enjoyed our new treat

Here we are guys, in the history books:

I didn't get too many screenies this time, but I'm addicted to TW now.. I can only attend the Saturday ones but I'll be taking lots of screenies in future, and waking up at 2.30am every Saturday lol's

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